E-jurnal Agro-Industri Indonesia

electronic Journal of Agro-Industry  Indonesia

e-JAII  Series is a quad-annual    national   referred journal with the objectives to disseminate, explore,  develop, and elucidate the knowledge of engineering design and technology in agro-industrial development issues, to keep practitioners and researchers informed on current issues and best practices, as well as serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise among academician, technology researchers and practitioners.

e-JAII  Series provides an opportunity to share detailed insights from different understandings and practices associated with technology. It provides  cross-disciplinary exchange of insights and ideas regarding value and practices for dissemination. e-JAII  Series will publish your work to    national   society of practitioners and researchers with interest in technology design and development from a wide variety of agro-industrial sectors.

e-JAII  Series

Department of Agro-Industrial Technology,  Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology,  Bogor Agricultural University
Kampus IPB   Darmaga  ,  Po Box  16002  West Java  Indonesia
E-mail: e-jaii@gmail.com

Website: http://journal.ipb.ac.id/e-jaii
Telp/Fax: +62 – 251-862-2313

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