Gambaran status reproduksi pada sapi perah melalui pengukuran progesteron susu dengan metoda elisa

  • M.A. Setiadi
  • Adnin Adnan


Determination of reproduction status was carried out 16 lactation dairy coes at Faculty of Veterinary of Animal Science - IPB by measurement of milk progesteron level by Enzyme Immunoassay.

This result could concluded that : oestrus, post oestrus and pregnant, respectively, where as 7 cows were oestrus, I Cow post oestrus, 3 cows dubius pregnant and 5 cows pregnant. 

Comfirmation by rectal palpation was done one week later and shown that : 4 of 5 diagnosed pregnant, I cows need recheck.

The accuracy of milk progesteron assay by Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) in this case was 80% for positive pregnant.


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